Burlesque acts

Burlesque acts!

Miss Cool Cat is available as a burlesque performer for any types of events. She is ready to entertain you with the following acts.

"Sweet Little Pussycat" "The Queen of the Fire Tassels"
Refined combination of burlesque and aerial hoop. Unique performance where Miss Cool Cat will changed from Black Magic Woman to flying Sweet Little Pussycat.

"Trinidad and Tobago"
Hot, beautiful, exciting! That is absolutely unique act named Trinidad and Tobago with giant glass, where Miss Cool Cat take a sexy bath. She will take you to her exciting fantasy as a queen of the jungle. Miss Cool Cat's using dramatic movements, seduction, fire and water to make this act unforgettable...

"The Queen of the Fire Tassels"
This act is about a both sides inside all of us. We can be very colorful and everyone has also dark side. Sometimes fire can help to destroy things we don't need in our life anymore and let a new thing born. Unique combination of extraordinary costume and fire performance.
Miss Cool Cat is Czech Queen of Fire Tassels sanctued by Satans Angel and trained by Bettie Blackheart.


"Naughty Bandit on the run"
She is on the run. She is WANTED! But she knows how to use female weapons...

"Unholy Woman" 

The Italian mafia widow is an UNHOLY WOMAN. But she finds a new relation to Bible and awakens in unexpected beauty.

"I've been kissed before":

Very classical burlesque act based on The golden age of Hollywood. This act is inspired by American actress and dancer Rita Hayworth and it is dancing with giant feathers fans.

|photos by Alzbeta Jungrova|

What will happen when rich man's woman decides to change her destiny? Miss Cool Cat will reveal her cheeky true wild side. This act is dancing with the unique giant pheasant feathers fans.

|photos by Pavel Hejny|
"Red Army Woman":
Be aware of naughty army woman! Her hands don't listen her mind and there is no guarantee what will happen.

|photo by Adam Holy|